About Nicaragua Tour Network...

Over the past few years Nicaragua, and San Juan del Sur in particular, has been developing rapidly. This beautiful country has transformed itself into the hottest tourist destination in the region, offering gorgeous beaches, stunning landscapes and unique culture. 

As tourism continues to grow, Nicaragua is seeing a sharp increase in the number of cruise ships visiting its ports. At Nicaragua Tour Network our goal is to make sure that the visitors arriving on those ships have the most enjoyable experience during their few short hours here. We want our customers to return to their home countries and tell their friends that Nicaragua was the highlight of their trip.


In order to make that happen, we work closely with the best local providers to tailor tours specifically to the needs of cruisers. We then collect feedback to ensure that our providers maintain the highest of quality and that all of our customers leave with smiles on their faces.

Here at Nicaragua Tour Network we love Nicaragua and we're sure that, after your tour with us, you will too.