Postcard from Nicaragua

We got an unusual email over at San Juan del Tour (Part of the Nicaragua Tour Network) recently and thought that we would share it with you. It was from a man named Neil who, in our opinion, was going above and beyond the call of duty in the parenting stakes.

Here is the email:

"Dear sir/madam

My son is doing a school project about the countries of the world and he has asked for my help to see how many stamps/postcards he could receive from the individual nations. I suggested writing to tourist offices in each country to see if they could be of any assistance. I know this is an unusual request but I therefore seek your help to see if you would be so kind as to send him a postcard or similar to the address below with a stamp of Nicaragua to assist with his project."

Now we don't know how many countries Neil contacted to try and help out his son but, we do know that he emailed about 20 businesses in Nicaragua. If he put the same effort into every country he would have needed to find nearly 4000 email addresses in total. That's a lot of emails and a lot of work, and we think that Neil deserves to be applauded for his efforts.


Oh, and of course we sent the postcard: