Ziplining in Nicaragua


Ziplining is becoming more and more popular these days, and it's not really a surprise. The thrill of flying through the trees is contagious. The shot of adrenaline that you feel as you step off the edge of the platform can be addictive.

As more people add ziplining to their bucket list, the number of ziplining locations continues to rise.

This is especially true in Central America, where cruise ship passengers often take the opportunity to fly through the trees of tropical forests, spotting exotic animals as they go.

But with so many locations to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

Why You Should Zipline in San Juan del Sur

We meet a lot of cruisers here at Nicaragua Tour Network, and in most cases they have just come from Costa Rica, or are going there after leaving San Juan del Sur. Costa Rica is hugely a popular place for ziplining, but here's why we think you should choose Nicaragua instead:

  • Travel Time - No long bus journeys required. Our zipline center is less than 10 minutes from the cruise port.
  • Off-Roading - The canopy tour takes place at the top of a monkey filled cloud-forest. To get to the top you will be driven by a professional guide in an off-road vehicle. This is an adventure in itself!
  • The View(s) - From the top of the forest you will have two spectacular views. From one side you can look out towards the Pacific (and see your ship), on the other you can look all the way to Lake Nicaragua and the two volcanoes that make up Ometepe island. 
  • Canopy Tour - Our zipline adventure is actually a canopy tour. What's the difference? With a canopy tour there is no walking between ziplines, you move effortlessly from one platform to the next (like Tarzan, Aaaah Aaaah Aaaah!) 
  • Open to non-zippers - Not everyone wants to zipline, some people just want to enjoy the view and watch their friends or family zipline. But if you go on a tour organised by the cruise ship, these people have to pay full price anyway. Not in San Juan del Sur. For just a small fee they can come along, see some monkeys, and enjoy the view.
  • Iguanarium - Hidden in the trees below our zipline is an iguana sanctuary, where the guides take care of rescued Green Iguanas. Guests can visit to see, hold, or feed the iguanas.
  • Zero Rush - Because we are so close to the port, guests can take as long as they want. We don't force you back onto a bus. You can sit with a cold drink and enjoy the view until you are ready to leave.

So what do you say? Are you ready to zipline in San Juan del Sur?